The Aurora Shop at CultTVman

Here you’ll find classic Aurora monsters, spacecraft, and other model kits originally produced by Aurora.   We offer model kits produced by Polar Lights, Moebius Models, Atlantis and other companies.    You’ll also find a sellection of other kits that were inspired by the Aurora line including Monarch kits, Jolly Roger Pirates, and a variety of replacement heads and bases.


December 22: Godzilla has arrived and Ghidorah will be here soon!

S2F Hunter Killer box cover

Just arrived from Atlantis! The S2F Hunter Killer anti-submarine aircraft. This is a reissue of the original Aurora kit.

Other vintage kits recently reissued by Atlantis include

Lost in Space Cyclops and Chariot

October 2:   Announcing the Lost in Space Cyclops and Chariot kit, reissued by Doll & Hobby GA.    This kit is due late in the year and will feature new box art, a two sided backdrop, upgraded decals, and two additional resin figures of Dr. Smith and Judy Robinson.

Plus more Aurora kits are coming from Atlantis and Round 2

Aurora’s M-46 Patton Tank

We’ve just received the classic Patton Tank, originally produced by Aurora. Available now!

July 14: Mr. Gasser is now available in the Aurora Shop at CultTVman!

July 4: Round 2 has announced a reissue of the classic MPC kit Escape from the Crypt. This was part of the Haunted Mansion line of kits in 1974. Preorder now!

Also coming are reissues of the Aurora Ghidorah Monsters of the Movies kit and the Lindberg Godzilla kit.

June 7: Just arrived in the Aurora shop! The Land of the Giants Snake diorama. This reissue comes with new box art, and a diorama backdrop.

May 18:   Now available in the Aurora Shop, the Army Mule Helecoptor, produced by Aurora in the late 1950’s.    Reissue from Atlantis.   

May 11:  Thank you for visiting the new Aurora Shop at   Here are some of the most recent Aurora reissues currently available.