The Aurora Shop at CultTVman

Here you’ll find classic Aurora monsters, spacecraft, and other model kits originally produced by Aurora.   We offer model kits produced by Polar Lights, Moebius Models, Atlantis and other companies.    You’ll also find a selection of other kits that were inspired by the Aurora line including Monarch kits, Jolly Roger Pirates, and a variety of replacement heads and bases.


The Mummy and Wolfman from Atlantis

September 3: Big Monster News!   Atlantis is reissuing the Lon Chaney Jr. Mummy and Wolfman kits in the square glow box.   The kits will include both regular and glow parts.   This is licensed by the Chaney estate and is said to be a limited edition.  We are taking preorders!  We expect these late in the year.

PREORDER Lon Chaney Jr. Glow Mummy – 1:8 scale – Aurora reissue

PREORDER Lon Chaney Jr. Glow Wolfman 1:8 scale – Aurora reissue

Vampirella from X-Plus

Vampirella from X-Plus is in stock. This is an all new kit in the classic Aurora style!

NEW: Vampirella – 1:8 scale model kit from X-Plus

And coming soon is a glow version of the kit!

PREORDER : Glow Vampirella – 1:8 scale from X-Plus

The Metaluna Mutant from Atlantis

The Metaluna Mutant is here from Atlantis!¬† ¬†This kit is a new model based on the unproduced Aurora prototype from the 70’s!

NEW Metaluna Mutant Square Box 1/12 Model Kit from Atlantis

Maria from Metropolis and Harryhausen's Cyclops

We’ve added the new Cyclops kit from X-Plus, expected toward the end of 2022.   This is an Aurora styled kit, based on Ray Harryhausen’s classic creation.  Final price is not set, but we expect it to be between $55 and $65.   The kit features the Cyclops with his club in hand and a deluxe base with a caged sailor.    

PREORDER : Cyclops from 7th Voyage of Sinbad – from X-Plus 

We are now taking preorders for the upcoming Maria – Metropolis Maschinenmensch kit from X-Plus.   This is an all new plastic kit in the Aurora style.  This is a 1:8 scale figure and includes the chair base.    We expect this kit to arrive this fall, but there could be delays.  Final price has not been set but we expect it to be between $45 and $59.    Now any one who knows me knows how much I love Metropolis.   It is one of the most amazing science fiction movies ever made.    So I’m loving this model.

PREORDER : Maria – Metropolis Maschinenmensch – 1:8 scale from X-Plus

Sealab from Doll & Hobby GA

At Wonderfest, we announced a reissue of the classic Sealab III coming in 2023 from Doll & Hobby GA.   We have added this as a preorder

PREORDER: Sealab III – 1:93 scale – from Doll & Hobby GA 

The Guillotine from Doll & Hobby GA

November 13:  We are now taking preorders for the Guillotine!   This will be coming in mid 2022 and will feature the clean art on the front, with all the graphics printed on a removeable plastic sleeve like we are doing with the Hunchback reissue.    And there is still time to preorder the Hunchback!

Godzilla's Go Cart from Polar Lights

Godzilla’s Go Cart is coming from Polar Lights!

Godzilla’s Go Cart!! from Polar Lights

Aurora reissues - Godzilla, Forgotten Prisoner, Blackbeard

Aurora Monsters and More from Atlantis Models!

King Kong – Glow Square Box 1:30 scale from Atlantis
Aurora Godzilla – Glow Square Box reissue from Atlantis
Glow Phantom of the Opera – Aurora reissue from Atlantis
The Forgotten Prisoner of Castel Mare – Glow Square Box 1/8 Model
Invaders Flying Saucer square box – Aurora reissue from Atlantis
Aurora Blackbeard – Square Box reissue from Atlantis

Flight of the Vampire

Haunted Manor kits from MPC

Haunted Manor: Play It Again Tom from Polar Lights
Haunted Manor: Flight of the Vampire from Round 2/Polar Lights
Haunted Manor: The Grave Robber’s Demise from Round
Haunted Manor: Escape from the Dungeon 1:12 – from Polar

The Cyclops and Chariot build up and box cover

The Land of the Giants Spindrift and The Lost in Space Cyclops and Chariot is now available in the Aurora Shop at CultTVman!

Lost in Space: Cyclops and Chariot – 1:35 and 1:48 scale from Doll and Hobby

 Land of the Giants Spindrift – 1:64 scale from Doll and Hobby GA

Land of the Giants Snake Diorama – 1:48 scale from Doll and Hobby 

Available in the Aurora shop! The Land of the Giants Snake diorama. This reissue comes with new box art, and a diorama backdrop.

Land of the Giants Snake Diorama – 1:48 scale from Doll and Hobby